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Hello Losers!!, I just came back from Argentina (Feb 2006), been in Cordoba and Buenos Aires!!!, hard working as always, u can realize that in my pics!!!, enjoy!!

Nikki and Camila Saenz

Nikki and Nicolle

Mara Donantes



Nikki at the pool in Buenos Aires

More pool in Buenos Aires Feb 2006

Voyeur pics at the pool , a butt

Taking a shower at the pool, Aerosmith´s "girls of summer" style

At the cab on my way back to the hotel

Nikki in a club (of course)

from the V.I.P. a view of the dance floor at the Club 69 (Niceto) in Buenos Aires

On our way in the middle of nowhere (Cordoba, Carlos Paz)

More nowhere (Cordoba)

Cordoba from my Windowwww

Nikki at the pool in Cordoba drinkin a Strawberry Daikiri (yumm)

shooting at the mirror

Nikki at the pool in Buenos Aires

More pool

A Black tranny at the pool in Buenos Aires (dare of her), she was like a kind of show, everybody watching at her lol ...

Nikki´s feet at pool

More trannies at the pool


More voyeur pics, other butt kakaka

big back ugly tranny leaving the pool

Trannies leaving the place

another bottom kakaka (my camera has a nice zoom)

A plane landing over our heads


last butt .....


Just came back from the beach!, (January 2006) Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, sorry to not update my site since September 2005 but I had nothing new to show you (this is the awful truth), well, here my PICS from my last trip to the Chilean coast!!!

Nikki at the beach in Viña del Mar

More beach

Chelo and Nikki at the Journal Bar in Viña del Mar (Chile)

Nikki drinking (no news here)

More Journal in Viña del Mar

Elvis and Nikki (I though he was dead?)

Pissing stuff in the streets of Viña del Mar (nice example for kids huh)

More nasty pissing in the middle of the City

OVO Discoteque at the Casino in Viña del Mar

Nikki drinking at the OVO

Nikki in Valparaíso

More Valparaíso (old building behind)

Nikki with a Sailor in Valparaíso

see you later bitches!, till I get more picssssssssss!


here´s a pic of my birthday cake, TAKE A LOOK !

I AM BACK from my fucking trip to Brazil, been in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, went to the rock show of PITTY (yes again) in Sao Paulo and to the Judas Priest and Whitesnake in Chile... so hot .. now enjoy the pictures and go fuck yourself and don´t email me I don´t want to be your friend ....

Amanda and Nikki

Thais Borges and Nikki

Chirra Beatriz

Nikki and Gatorade

Nikki at Rio de Janeiro on a fucking boat crossing the sea...

Roxana and Nikki

Fabiane Spears (not Britney)

Monica Mattos (Brazilian Pornstar) and Nikki

Monica and Nikki

Fabiane Spears and Nikki

Fabiane and Nikki (hard Nikki)

Monica Mattos

Cabelo sucking a bottom

Adriana Morena and Nikki

Adriana and Nikki

Nikki, Taynara and Kaio´s shoulder (wait is a leg...)

Nikki and Miriany Ribeiro

Domenika and Nikki

Nikki and Eduarda Guimaraes


Nikki and Taynara Bovers


Marjorie Romao and Nikki

Fabiane Spears

Nikki with the milk

Pamela Alves and Nikki

Nikki and Fabiane

Fans of PITTY (at the concert)

Pitty Live


Pitty live again

Pitty Live

Pitty´s ticket yeeaaahhh

Renata Davila

Barbara, Samantha and Nikki

see you next time motherfuckeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!


Sorry guys for the late update of my personal website, but I was extremely busy traveling around the world (yes bitches!), just after Caracas Venezuela I was in Brazil shooting and right after Brazil I was in Europe, I went to the shows of W.A.S.P. in Sao Paulo, Avril Lavigne in Berlin and Motley Crue, here some pics for you, enjoy motherfuckers!!!!

Nikki at the Fetish Club Pedestal (clubpedestal.com), thank u guys for the picture!!, the red eyes doesn´t mean I was high.... ORDER NIKKI´S MUSIC CD HERE!!!

Nikki and Mirella Sanders

Mirella Sanders

Gaby Astryd

Fabio, Mikely and Nikki

Emanuelle, Nikki and Gaby

Gleice Kelly

Alexia Nogueira

Nikki and Mirella

Yasmin Rios

Duda Little and Nikki


Gabriela Martins

Deise and Nikki

Deise and Nikki

Nikki and Friends

Nikki and Gabriela Astryd


Nikki and friends

Nikki and Gaby




Gabriela Martins and Nikki


Nikki at the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo from my window at night

Yasmin Rios and Cabelo

Nikki and Mirella

Sao Paulo at day from my window ;)

Mirella and Nikki

Nikki and Mirella

Nikki and Tayara

The taximeter of my cab in Sao Paulo Brazil ... (amount to pay)

Nikki at the W.A.S.P. concert in Sao Paulo Brazil (camarote)

Nikki at the W.A.S.P. concert

Nikki and Cabelo

Blackie Lawless Live (W.A.S.P.)

Nikki and Emanuelle

Tayara Bovers

Nikki at the gay parade 2005 in Sao Paulo Brazil (June 2005)

Gay Parade June 2005

Gay Parade June 2005

Gay Parade June 2005

Gay Parade June 2005

Gay Parade June 2005

Gay Parade June 2005

Gay Parade June 2005


Yasmin Rios and Nikki (June 2005)

my W.A.S.P. ticket!! (memorabilia) show in Sao Paulo Brazil June 2005

Blackie Lawless (WA.S.P.)


Alexia Nogueira

Nikki in da Club

Eduarda and Nikki (Gay Parade 2005)

Yasmin Rios and Nikki

Sasha and ??? (over a truck, doing the victory symbol yesss haha)

a naked bitch over a truck

Nikki and Tayara Bovers

a blonde bitch

Look at the Tatoos, this is my most bizarre pic I ever have in years!!!

Miriany Ribeiro and Nikki

Miriany showing tits

Avril Lavigne publicity of her show in Berlin!!

Nikki in Berlin


my Avril Lavigne ticket (memorabilia rulez)

Nikki in Berlin

Nikki in Berlin

The storm be4 the Avril Lavigne show (this is the line to join the Arena, wet like shit)

Inside the Arena waiting for the show (wet as shit for about 5 hours, I think this was the reason of my flu)

The bitch singing, Avril Lavigne show at the Teptrow Arena in Berlin Germany June 2005 ...

the bitch here looks high

Avril Lavigne singing and playing

bye bye good night motherfuckers now go fuck yourselves!!!



My new car (sure)


Better Live than Dead!!!

Motley Crew Live


good night motherfuckers!!!

Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars on stage!!!

Sweating like the motherfucking shit just a second after the end of show...

Motley Crue publicity of the show

Nikki drinking some wisky Jameson (my favourite).... a couple of bottles daily is good ....



Nikki at the Panama City airport May 2005

Nikki on the road in Caracas Venezuela May 2005

at the SAMBIL shopping center, the largest mall of South America in Caracas Venezuela .... May 2005

Nikki and friends

Nikki and friends ;)


Caracas from my window ;)

AMARAL Live Santiago de Chile May 2nd 2005 (I was there!!!)

AMARAL Live Santiago de Chile May 2005 (I was there shooting ;)

AMARAL Live Santiago de Chile May 2005 , Eva singing ...







Nikki in Brazil in a town 2 hours from Downtown Sao Paulo (April 2005)

The next pictures are specially dedicated to all my anti fans and ex friends, porn rocks, FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!... go tell your momma u saw me on the internet, u like to talk, now talk .... and go fuck yourself ... get a fucking life!! ...

Nikki in Sao Paulo Brazil April 2005 with Miriany Ribeiro and Buttman pornstar Nicky Estewan

Nikki in Sao Paulo April 2005 with worldwide pornstar Fabio Cesar and Yasmin Pitanga

fuck you bitches!

Duda Little

fuck you bitches!!

Nikki and Monique April 2005

fuck you bitches!

Nikki and world DVD pornstar Nicky Estewan

fuck you bitches!!

Nikki and Yasmin Pitanga April 2005 Sao Paulo Brazil

fuck you bitches!!

Yasmin Pitanga and Fabio Cesar

fuck you bitches!

Nikki and Yasmin

fuck you bitches!!

Nikki and Marcia Medeiros

fuck you bitches!


fuck you bitches!


Nikki signing CD´s in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires .. you can get your copy HERE (thanks to the BAG guys for the picture)

Ice Cream in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires at the BAG feb 2005 getting fat ...(more)

Playa Grande in Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata feb 2005

with an old friend in Mar del Plata feb 2005

Trannies from Santa Fe in Mar del Plata (I mean the girls in pink, not me :)

Mar del plata beach in front of the Casino (dunno the name)

Mar del Plata airport

Hilton Hotel pool in Buenos Aires feb 2005




Summer Festival January 2005 Salvador de Bahia Brasil (I was there! ... I am a huge fan of PITTY, rocking and rolling!)

She had played every single song from her album "admiravel chip novo" including a cover and a song from her last band

Audience Crazy (I saw a clone there of Giselle Bundchen but teenager :)

There is something about the clothes of Pitty and Amy Lee (pic scroll down)

I saw clones of Ron Jeremy, Giselle Bundchen, Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, Valentino, Charlie Sheen hahaha really (in my whole trip , not only at the concert btw).... so funny

The Chemical Brothers Live in Santiago de Chile October 24th 2004 (I was there!) ;)




The Chemical Brothers Live in Santiago de Chile October 24th 2004 (leaving from the stadium)



NIKKI ROCKSTAR (Disco de Nikki Edonis disponible en la tienda virtual CDBABY)


Evanescence live in London at the Wembley Arena (I was there!!!, rocking and rolling)